conventional fire alarm control panels

Conventional panels have been around ever since electronics became small enough to make them viable. Conventional panels are used less frequently in large buildings than in the past, but are not uncommon on smaller projects such as small schools, stores, restaurants, and apartments.

A conventional Fire Alarm Control Panel employs one or more circuits, connected to detectors wired in parallel. These sensors are devised to dramatically decrease the circuit resistance when the environmental influence on any sensor exceeds a predetermined threshold. In a conventional fire alarm system, the information density is limited to the number of such circuits used.

To facilitate location and control of fire within a building, the structure is subdivided into definite areas or zones. A zone boundaries on a floor plan (Zone map) using textual descriptions, illuminated icons, illuminated sections, or illuminated points on the map corresponding to Initiating Circuits connected to the Fire Alarm Control Panel will need to be displayed next to the panel fire alarms servicing & maintenance.
Conventional Fire Alarms, Vulcan Fire

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