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Job Vacancy - Vulcan Fire are recruiting Fire Alarm Installation Engineers, Rochdale Manchester

Job Vacancy

We're looking to recruit a Full-Time Fire Alarm/Installation Engineer

Role includes:

* Installation of new fire alarm systems
* Installation of emergency lighting

* Some preventative maintenance servicing as required
* Knowledge of conventional and addressable fire alarm systems
* MUST have drivers' licence

To enquire further or to apply, Call 0800 056 8778 or email your details to

Posted: 24/08/2018


Introducing the Commander Contempo Extinguisher Range

Combining fire safety with the most exquisite hand-finished architectural finishes means you don't have to spoil your carefully-crafted interior design with mandatory fire equipment.

Available in polished Gold, polished Stainless Steel and Antique Copper - each offers a stunning mirror finish with matching polished tubular stands. This range is truly Elegance in Fire Defence - perfect for interiors where appearance is important - modern bars and restaurants, luxury hotels, stately homes and contemporary commercial interiors.

Download Brochure (pdf Opens New Window)

For more information, prices or to purchase extinguishers from our new range, please telephone 0800 056 8778 or contact us

Commander Contempo Range of Polished Fire Extinguishers

Posted: 09 March 2017


Sales Roles Now Available!

We are recruiting! We're looking for experienced contract sales personnel to work with us within the fire & security sector covering Chester, Liverpool, North Wales areas. Please contact the office on 0800 056 8778 or email your cv to to apply.

Posted: 08 March 2017


New Standard

A new harmonised standard becomes mandatory from December 31st 2013 which is EN54-23:2010

This standard is for all visual alarm devices (beacons) used on a fire system. There are several reasons for providing visual alarms for fire alarm systems, including:

  • To alert people with a hearing loss
  • Noisy areas where occupants are wearing ear defenders
  • For staff alarms
  • For use in broadcasting studios
  • Areas such as hospital operating theatres
  • Stage one visual alarms for extinguishing systems

Each of these applications will be required to use visual alarm devices that comply with EN54 - 23. The standard does not apply to visual indicators such as remote LEDs or to supplementary visual alarms that are not considered part of the primary alarm system.

The standard covers planning, design, installation, commissioning and service and is intended to ensure that visual alarms are sufficiently bright to be effective as a primary means of alarm. To achieve this, the standard stipulates a minimum light level of 0.4lux on any surface, and manufacturers must specify the room size their product will cover with this level of illumination.

There are three categories of visual alarm device recognised by EN54-23:

Wall Category (W)
  • A coverage volume code is presented as W - x - y, where W is for Wall, x is the maximum mounting height and y is the width of the square area covered (in metres) by the device. The minimum mounting height for wall category is 2.4m. For example, the coverage code on a product may be presented as W - 2.4 - 7.5

Ceiling Category (C)

  • The coverage volume code will be presented as C - x- y, where C is for Ceiling, x is the maximum mounting height and y is the diameter in metres of the cylindrical coverage volume. Ceiling mounted products are specified for maximum heights of 3m, 6m or 9m. For example, the coverage code on a product may be presented as C - 3 - 7.5

Open Class (O)

  • The third class is open class which allows the manufacturer to specify the coverage volume and coverage shape does not restrict mounting height. The required illumination of 0.4 lux still applies.

The effectiveness of any visual alarm is not just dependent on the light output of the device. Ambient light levels also have to be taken into consideration. Greater coverage will be achieved in darker conditions and conversely, visual alarm devices will have less coverage in bright ambient conditions. To assist sellers and system designers, we will be offering a series of training events as well as making available reference material and guidance notes.

Contact us for availability of a range of Fulleon conventional visual alarm devices that can be installed as part of an EN54-23 visual alarm system. The range includes both wall and ceiling category devices. The new visual alarm devices are - Solista wall and ceiling, RoLP and Symphoni.



For further information on how to can stay compliant with this mandatory law, please contact Vulcan Fire and speak to one of our fire safety consultants today

Posted: 28 February 2014



EN54-23 Standard for Visual Alarm Devices becomes mandatory on 31st December - What does it mean?

On 31st December 2013 all Visual Alarm Devices, covered by the scope of EN54-23 must conform to the new European specification standard. EN 54-23:2010 (Fire detection and fire alarm systems. Part 23: Fire alarm devices - Visual alarm devices), has been introduced to standardise the requirements, test methods and performance of Visual Alarm Devices and ensure light output is measured in a uniform manner.

Please contact Vulcan Fire to find out how this may affect your business.

Posted: 24 December 2013