Fire Doors / Emergency Exit Doors

Effective protection from the spread of fire and smoke

Smoke travels at seven metres per second, faster than most people can run. Its heat and toxins mean it can kill within seconds. It is therefore critical that fire doors work effectively to prevent loss of life.

It has been found that 61% of deaths involving fire were caused by smoke inhalation and that one in 12 fire doors fail or are wedged open.

The definition of a fire door is a door assembly which is designed to hold back fire and smoke for a designated period, and has been tested under conditions described in British Standard 476: Part 22. Fire doors provide a barrier to prevent the spread of smoke and flame. They need to be kept closed at all times, unless held open by a professional electrical close system which releases the door on activation of a fire alarm.

Fire Doors Inspections

All fire doors must be inspected to ensure that the fire and smoke resistance is being maintained i.e. that doors fit correctly, are not damaged, that there is no broken glazing and smoke seals touch the door and frame continuously.

Vulcan Fire offers a full check and written report for all your fire doors, in line with the requirements of British Standard 476. Please contact us to discuss your requirements and book your fire doors inspection appointment.

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