Fire Suppression Systems

Fire Suppression Systems are used with smoke detectors and fire alarm systems to improve and increase personal safety as well as protect your business critical operations.

Vulcan Fire has the experience and technical skills to plan, install and commission most types of suppression system which fall into the following groups:

Gas Suppression Systems

e.g. Argonite, FM200, HFC 227ea, Inergen
These systems work by starving the fire of oxygen or heat to extinguish it. The system will normally use smoke detectors to detect a fire which triggers the release of gas into the area. The gas then suffocates the fire by removing the oxygen or heat needed to burn.

The benefits of this type of system include safe and environmentally friendly gas, no cleanup is required as no residue is left behind and the systems can be used in a variety of areas including server, switch, battery and transformer rooms.

Kitchen Suppression Systems

These systems are designed specifically for the food and restaurant business, targeting fires in professional kitchens.

Water Mist Suppression Systems

These systems are operated by heat sensors detecting a higher than average temperature and triggering a water mist blanket. They can be used in areas where gas is not appropriate, for example, where ovens and fat fryers are located. Using water ensures safety and a quick and easy clean up, ensuring that you are back up and running for business in no time at all.

Foam Deluge Suppression Systems

These are similar to water systems but use an expanding foam solution to extinguish the fire. They can be a cost effective alternative to the more expensive tank and pump system required to operate sprinklers. They are also useful for situations where there is risk associated with highly flammable liquid.

Reacton Suppression Systems

This system works by installing a detection tube, connected to an extinguisher, around the area of risk. When a flame touches the tube a hole is burst in the tube, releasing the extinguisher. The system uses a local application to extinguish the fire so there is no need to flood the area or close the area to contain the gas.

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