thermography (infrared testing service)


Our infrared thermography testing equipment helps us identify areas in electrical service and equipment where abnormal temperatures indicate developing and existing problems. Identifying these problems early allows us to determine what corrective action should be taken for our customers before a catastrophe occurs. Many types of businesses, particularly those in manufacturing would highly benefit from our infrared thermography testing services.

Tests are carried out using portable equipment, detecting dangerous situations not visible to the naked eye. Keep your operation up and running by spotting problems before they happen.


IR Thermography Testing


The above photo is an infrared (IR) thermographic image which clearly identifies a hot spot (not visible to the naked eye), that if not corrected could result in a serious fire.

IR thermography can also detect hot bearings and overheated motors and many other potential problems.

Most manufacturing companies would benefit by having an IR thermography predictive maintenance program.

Vulcan Fire are IR thermography consultants

Thermography, Thermal Imaging Technology to help identify fire risks

Vulcan Fire are very familiar with modern infrared technology to help identify potential problems in your electrical systems.

These problems can not only cause a breakdown but also the threat of fire and serious catastrophe leading to financial loss.

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